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The Seasons

In Maine, canoeing begins in mid April and extends thru mid October The best time for a trip depends on an individual's interests and expectations. There are, generally speaking, three distinct seasonal periods, each having their positive and negative qualities. Briefly, they are .....

The Spring Season (April & May)

Trips run in this period have higher water flows due to the run-off of the winter's melting snows and therefore have more exciting and challenging whitewater rapids. Some rivers, without large watersheds, are best done in this period as they may become nearly impassable in the low water conditions of mid-summer. Temperatures in Maine can be quite chilly this time of year, even a late spring snowfall is possible. But, if you want to do a river that might not be canoeable later in the year or if exciting whitewater rapids is what you're after, this is the time to come. Warm clothing (polypropylene and wool) is a must and wetsuits may be required in some cases. On certain rivers, you may be asked to document proficiency in class III+ whitewater skills.

The Summer Season (June, July, & August)

Trips run in this period offer more extra-curricular activities then in other periods. Fishing the brooks, hunting for mushrooms, swimming, and sunbathing to name a few. Wildlife is also more abundant now, as this spring's crop of newborns and those that have been in hibernation, emerge to join those that have survived the winter months. It is also nice to have the longer daylight hours for leisurely river travel and relaxation. You will, however, have to contend more with either sunburn or rainy weather and this is also the period when black flies and mosquitoes are at their worst. But, if you're looking for that nice summer vacation with a hot sun, a warm beach, and a cool beer, pack the fly dope and come on up.

The Fall Season (September & October)

Trips run in this period can be the most beautiful, especially for the photographer. The nights may be chilly and the days are crisp and clear as we move into fall, but the spectacular display of colors in the hardwood foliage set against the evergreens and blue skies makes a river trip this time of year a very treasured memory indeed. Around every bend in the river you'll come face to face with another vista of blazing reds and yellows as the swamp maples and the beech ridges go through their annual metamorphosis in preparation for the coming snows. So if you want to see the "Fall Foliage Spectacle", see it from a new viewpoint. See it from a canoe.