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Equipment Rental Information

(Effective July 1st, 2006)
Note:   Guided daily rental fees do NOT apply for trips run under trip option "C" (where everything is provided). If you are tripping under trip options "A" or "B", you may use your own gear and rent any equipment you don't have or don't care to bring with you.

Daily Rental
Guided Trip
 Daily Rental
Unguided Trip
$17.50Canoe w/Paddles$28.00
10.50Tent (4-man)16.50
7.00Sleeping Bag11.00
6.50Cook Stove10.00
3.75Life Jacket5.50
3.75Mattress Pad5.50
2.75Dry Bag (for clothing)4.50
2.75River Bag (for tent, sleeping bags,
Mattress Pads, Pillows, etc.)