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"Wilderness Recreation" Division
Linwood Parsons
P.O. Box 24
Millinocket, ME 04462
Phone: (207) 723-6874
  The "Loon"

Photo Gallery

The Loon's Nest Lodge
on Cedar Lake
You're in the hands
of the "Master"
You'll be Treated
Like a King!
Big Bull Moose
Grazing on Brush
The Common Loon
Taking Off
Whitetail Deer
at Sunset
Grand Falls
Dead River
Wildlife ?
Little Falls
Saint Croix River
Black Bear
a Very Rare Sight
Big Duck Cove
Moosehead Lake
Brook Trout on
The Allagash
The Loon
Drying its Wings
"Happy Hour"
"Any River"
Halifax Island Cove
Maine Coast
Canoe Poling
Debsconeag Lake
Eastern Coyote
The Ultimate Predator
X-Country Skiing
Mattawamkeag River
Majestic Moose
a Common Sighting
Mt. Katahdin
"North Maine Woods"
Canada Goose
with Goslings
Mt. Katahdin from
South Twin Lake
Winter Camping
Baxter State Park
"River Spa"
Moose River
Cow Moose
with Calf
5 Day Ski Trip
Baxter State Park
Long Lake Outlet
Allagash River
Beached for the Night
Moosehead Lake
Loon Parent
and its Chick
Chase Rapids
Allagash River
Bald Eagle
a "Super Fisherman"
Early Spring
St. George River
Black Bear
(and a Huge One!)
Winter Shelter
South Branch Pond
Holeb Falls
Moose River
Chimney Pond
Mt. Katahdin
"King of the Forest"
the Bull Moose
End of the AWW
Allagash Waterway
Stair Falls
East Branch Penobscot
30' Grand Pitch
East Branch Penobscot
Hulling Machine
East Branch Penobscot
Burying the Bow
Below Allagash Falls
Are the Brookies
Legal Size?
Canada Geese
Cruising the River
Chase Rapids
Allagash River
Whitetail Deer
Visits a Campsite
40 Foot Drop
Allagash Falls
The Wood Duck
"Natures Prettiest"
Winter Ski
and Backpacking
"Sunset on the River"
Lower Allagash
Allagash Falls
Allagash River
A Big Moose
Crossing the River
Kayaking on the
Allagash River
Poplar Hill Falls
Lower Dead River
Canoe Rescue
Common Loon
With 2 Chicks
Ledge Drop
Allagash Stream
Canada Geese Parents
and Their Family
Grindstone Falls
East Br Penobscot
Ruffed Grouse
The "Partridge"
Exploring the Gorge
West Br Pleasant River
Home for the Night
Baxter State Park
Taming the Rapids
Machias Stream
Loon in a
Courtship Dance
A Nice Hot Lunch
Appalachian Trail
"Tarp" Sailing
Churchill Lake
The Baby's Grave
Saint Croix River
The Moose,
a River Feeder
200 Pounders
From the Maine woods
Rainbow Stream
Appalachian Trail
40' Falls
Allagash River
Long Lake Dam
Allagash River
South Branch Ponds
From Traveler Mt.
Narrow Passage
Johnson Brook
Little Allagash Falls
Allagash Stream
Mt. Katahdin
From Ambejejus Lake
Wheel Barrow Pitch
East Br Penobscot
Ledge Drop
Allagash Stream
Common Loon
Defending Territory
Beach Front Home
Pemadumcook Lake
Little Falls Pool
Allagash Stream
Entering the Ice Caves
on Allagash Lake
90 Ton Locomotives
Eagle Lake
Little Allagash Falls
Upper Allagash
Traveler Mountains
South Branch Pond
After 11 Days
All Accounted For
Canoe Fleet at
Long Lake Campsite
Fresh Brook Trout
for Supper
Academy at Swift River
on the Allagash
Getting a Lap Full
of Cold River Water
Flying off the Crest
of a Good Wave
Burying the Bow in
the Standing Waves
Togue for Breakfast at
Chisolm Brook Campsite
The Beauty of a
Wilderness Campfire
Academy at Swift River
at Twin Brook Rapids
Allagash Falls
an Awesome 40' Waterfall
Beaver Dam on the
Sunkhaze Strean NWR
Beautiful Flora
as well as Fauna
Lead-in to the Cribworks
a Class 5 Drop
A Father/ Son Trip
6 Dads with 6 Sons - July of 2009
The Heart of the Cribworks
West Branch, Penobscot
Pay Attention Now
We Want to Make it to the End
Deadwater North Campsite
Moose and Eagles Abound Here
Our Nations Symbol
and a Resident of the AWW
Not Lobsters This Time
but Rock Cornish Game Hens
Some Allagash "Art"
Very Talented Paddlersl
Still Not Lobsters, Merely
2" Thick Rib-Eye Steaks -Umm
Indian Stream
Headed for Eagle Lake
Little Falls
on the Saint Croix
Beautiful Indian Stream
the 1st Mile after Putting in
A Cool Beaver House
and the "Cooler" DUNDEE Atop
90 and 100 Ton
Locomotives on the AWW
Hike the Trail from Pump-Handle
to this Overlook of Eagle Lake
We'd Rather Run the
Rivers Challenges
Portaging is a Drag
Sometimes a Carry
We'll Always Sprinkle in
Some "Happy Hour" Times
"Sams" Campsite/Long Lake
a Layover Spot in High Winds
More "Art" Work
Handiwork of a Favorite Client
Beautiful Campsite - Mountain
Views, Pine Groves, Sand Beach
The Place for Live Lobster
Dinners - Smith Brook Campsite
Sunsets - Sunrises
They are All So Beautiful
Fall Foilage in September
ME, USA / NB, Can Border
Secluded Tentsite Along
the River at Big Brook
Remnents of the Early
1900's Tramway on Eagle Lake
The "Ledges" Campsite Area
Halfway Across Umsaskis Lake
What? A "Wood Turtle"
on a Rock!
A Maine "Wood" Turtle
Up Close and Personal
End of the AWW Sign
(But Still a Few Hours to Go)
A Mother and her "Rare" Brood
of 5 Cubs at 1 Year of Age
You Think We Don't have
Deer in Maine? - Check This Outl
We Have Moose Too
and Know How to Use Them!
They Log-in Our Firewood

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