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Outdoor Enthusiast: Never say "I wish I had"

I have read this book cover to cover, twice! Couldn’t put it down. Very easy reading. Non-technical. Full of insight and information on a wide range of outdoor activities anyone can enjoy. Sprinkled throughout with humorous commentary and appropriate photos. I, myself, have participated in a variety of the outdoor sports discussed in this book and still learned new things about them. I recently ordered 10 copies to give to friends and family I care about. It’s that good. Buy one for yourself, read it, then go out and "play" in the great outdoors.

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Outdoor Enthusiast: Never say, “I wish I had…”

Outdoor Enthusiast represents Steve Priest’s quest to motivate individuals and families to enjoy the outdoors.
Some folks call outdoor experiences 'play'. Many adults and children do not play enough. Outdoor play means relaxing while learning and seeing the outdoors from "the inside".

Outdoor Enthusiast describes the friendships, insights, and healthy life style of being outdoors. I found Steve's book an excellent resource for places and events to enjoy in northern New England." - Kevin Gray, Sports and Get Out writer for the New Hampshire Union Leader and New Hampshire Sunday News.

“Steve's stories make me want to put on my running shoes, take my kayak from the rafters, tune-up my bike, and get ready for cross country skiing!" - Rich Letarte, author, That One Glorious Season.

• The Beginning
• How to be an Outdoor Enthusiast
• Running
• Hiking
• Team Relays
• Triathlons
• Marathons
• Canoeing and Kayaking
• A Guest in Nature's Habitat
• Eclectic Adventures
• Avoiding Injuries
• Places to Play in Northern New England

242 pages, 8" x 10", 75 colored pictures, $34.88
©2009 - ISBN 1440438404.
To order the book visit www.outdoorsteve.com

If you are interested in having Steve speak at your event, contact him at steve@outdoorsteve.com